Varadero – the Paradise of Cuba

Varadero is, for me, the highlight of my trip to Cuba. This 20 km piece of land is the perfect getaway from anything in this world. No worries, no cellphone coverage, certainly nothing to worry about except how many Cuba Libre will you be able to drink in one day. My trip to Varadero lasted only 3 days, but I would’ve stayed there for 3 more. Not because there were things to see, but because I loved-loved-loved the vibe! Sandy beaches, azure waters, and palm trees – what more can you need?

How to get to Varadero

If you plan on going there, you must know the transport in Cuba is rather expensive. As I’ve written in my previous article about Cuba, there are not so many ways to get outside of Havana. Unless you have rented a car, you have only 2 options: a taxi or the bus. I’ve not traveled by bus, but I know it’s 2-3 times per day and it costs 10 CUC ($10) one way. Very affordable, but the trip lasts 3 hours and I don’t know if the buses are modern or not.

My choice was to take a taxi; the trip lasts 2 hours and it is between 70-100 CUC ($70-$100) depending on how well you negotiate. Personally, it is the best decision because you get to stop anywhere you want, the taxis are comfortable and, as a plus, you get to talk with a local and know more about the real Cuban traditions.

On your way there

No matter your choice (taxi, bus, rented car), be sure to stop on your way to Varadero at the Bacunayagua bridge. It is the highest bridge in Cuba, being at 110 meters above the valley. It is breath-taking and offers an incredible view. Even if you’re taking the bus to Varadero you might be able to see it, since most of them stop there for a breath of fresh air.

In Varadero

To be honest, there are no tips that I could offer for visiting Varadero. This trip was for me the most relaxing and the most enjoyable in a very long time because I did NOTHING. We only went swimming, we ate the most delicious meals at local restaurants, lost count of our drinks (delicious Cuba Libre and Mojito) and ran away in fear because of some lizards.

While there, just enjoy your time. You can go snorkeling (I didn’t, though 🙁 ), go at the Varadero local disco (might be an interesting experiment), swim, eat, drink, smoke Cuban cigars and take loads of photos.

Regarding accommodation, it depends on what type of traveler you are. I stayed at an Airbnb which I loathed, to be honest. It was right on the beach, but it wasn’t too clean or modern. Decent, I might say. There is also the possibility to stay at a 5-star resort. However, if I’d go again, I would still choose an Airbnb, but I’d be more careful and take a closer look at the photos.

In the end, I’m going to leave you with some photos from the Paradise of Cuba, Varadero ❤

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