Netherlands Diary: Amsterdam in 3 Days

Hello, there! Amsterdam in 3 days, you say? That is a hell of a challenge, considering how big and interesting this city is. As you all can agree (or will, after reading this), Amsterdam is a really special place. It surely deserves more than 3 days of visiting, because there is a lot to take in. Unfortunately, that was all the time I had since the entire trip was to Cuba, with another layover in Mexico City. Amsterdam is an inner network of canals and a city with absolutely amazing architecture. It is worth a visit anytime. For the city break lovers (like me in Veliko Tarnovo), this is my guide for Amsterdam in 3 days.

Day 1

1. Free walking tour


The streets and the canals of Amsterdam are absolutely magic. The first thing I suggest to do is walk around the city and inhale its culture, or just book in advance a free walking tour. These are tours guided by a local who will take you to the most important places in Amsterdam and it lasts about 3h. If you don’t want/have time to book it (I didn’t either), just wander around the beautiful streets and discover this magnificent city on your own!

Time: as long as you want 


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13 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Lisbon (+One Why You Shouldn’t)

Portugal has been on my bucket list for too long. It still is, because so far I have only visited Lisbon and its surroundings. But I would go back anytime, I swear. I am yet to plan a trip to Faro and especially to the marvelous beaches of Algarve. But Lisbon is wonderful, too. Actually, it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen – it made me feel at home. It gave me that cozy feeling from the hotel room to the narrow streets and warm people. Lisbon makes you fall in love the moment you get there. It truly is my soul city and now I know why. Here are 13 reasons why you should visit Lisbon, too:

1. It’s Affordable

Lovely streets


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