Bulgaria Diaries: What To Do In Veliko Tarnovo?

Hi, guys! Today’s diary is going to be about Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Being a proud Romanian, for a long time, I have refused to admit that our neighbors might have beautiful places to visit, also. I have never been so attracted to going to Bulgaria, even though I’ve heard that there are places like Veliko Tarnovo, Golden Sands or Balchik that are worth paying a visit.

And because for Andrei’s birthday we haven’t planned anything special in advance, we decided to do a city break which wouldn’t cost us that much and wouldn’t make us spend our entire weekend on the road. Since you spend half of the weekend in traffic when visiting anything in Romania, it’s not a good option for a birthday you’d want to spend relaxing. So Veliko Tarnovo was our best option! It was built on three hills: Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta Gora and it was once the capital of Bulgaria, so it must have something special to it.


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