Liebster Award 2017 Nomination!

liebster award 2017

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Starting a travel blog is difficult. You have to find the appropriate content, you have to find time to write and also to promote it. But the result is fantastic. You have your own masterpiece and you take care of it as if it was your own baby. Also, the rewards are great: you get to meet amazing people, you connect with them and sometimes you’re even rewarded for the hard work you put into all this. Like this time, when I’ve been nominated for Liebster Award 2017!

liebster award 2017
Liebster Award 2017 Nominee!

This award is about networking and congratulating other people for the work they put into writing amazing stories on their blogs. ‘Liebster’ in German means cutest, sweetest or lovely, exactly what this award is about! 🙂 It was given, at first, for blogs with under 2000 followers. As it grew in popularity, now it’s given to blogs with under 200 followers.

Official Rules for Liebster Award 2017

So what you need to do if you are nominated?

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and write a few words about their blog
  2. Display the award on your blog
  3. Write 150-300 words about the blog who inspires you the most
  4. Optional: provide 10 random facts or about you
  5. Nominate between 5 and 11 blogs that you think they deserve the nomination
  6. Ask them a set of questions
  7. Write these rules on your blog
  8. Inform the people that you chose about the nomination by sending them the link to your blog post and congratulate them for receiving The Liebster Award 2017!

Here are more details about the award.

So.. let’s begin.


Well, I’ve been nominated by 3 different blogs: Sunlightofthemind, Amapforkandcork, and DestinationDorworth. I thank all three of them, they all have awesome websites and beautifully crafted Instagram accounts (as an Instagram addict, I can tell the difference). Thank you once again!

Favourite Travel Blog

My all time favorite travel blog has been YoungAdventuress. She is smart, honest and totally relatable. As a beginner, I always tend to look up to other great bloggers who can help me develop my personality and my blog at the same time, and she is the one. She talks sincerely about the places she’s been to and all the adventures she been through. Her honesty is absolutely adorable. If you haven’t followed her yet, you should!

Random facts about me

Her Travel Story

  • I love rooftops 🙂
  • A proud Romanian here, based in Bucharest
  • I’ve traveled alone to the USA when I was 19 years old – the distance is about 9000 km from Romania
  • In love with Pasteis de Nata (my favorite dessert ever) and Sunday pancakes
  • In love with Italy. I strongly believe I was Italian in another life
  • I like getting lost in different cities
  • As you can tell, I love photographing doors

Question Assigned

Because I was nominated by 3 different bloggers, I will choose some question from each of them.

  1. What is your honest opinion about veganism? – I am not a vegan and I’ll probably never be, but I truly believe that everybody should live as they wish and that we all have the right to be different. And to be honest? I truly admire vegans!
  2. Would you ever get a tattoo? Or do you have any? – I don’t have a tattoo, but I’ve been planning to get one for about 5 years now! I am just too afraid of the pain. Chicken, I know 🙁
  3. Is there any place in the world you would love to visit? – I would love to visit Japan and Asia, in general. Also, I really want to visit Madagascar. One at a time, I will visit them all! (Pokemon reference)
  4. If you can take someone with you in your travels, who would it be? – my very best friend and boyfriend. Always!
  5. What is the best memory that you have while traveling? Reading poems to each other on top of Torre di Asinelli, in Bologna *sorry for disclosing this*
  6. Would you rather go on a safari in Africa or an expedition in the Arctic? – Safari in Africa! And then an expedition in the Arctic! 🙂

My nominees for The Liebster Award 2017

Liebster Award Questions for the Nominees

  1. Which is your favorite country you have visited so far? Why?
  2. What is your most epic story from your travels?
  3. Favourite food?
  4. What is the one place you would recommend everyone to visit?
  5. What is the scariest experience you had when traveling?
  6. That one moment you will never forget?
  7. Luxury travel or backpacking?
  8. Asia or USA?

That’s a wrap, guys! Thank you again for nominating me and congrats to the ones I’ve nominated! Looking forward to seeing your answers and the random facts about you! Don’t forget to email me/leave a comment with your links so I can check your articles out!

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