Ferris Wheel
Me at Electric Castle Festival, Romania

Travel addict, always researching for tips&tricks about travelling and want to make your experiences the best they can be? Well, you came in the right place. My name is Paula and we share common interests 🙂

I started this blog as a necessity – whenever I travel, I always do a lot of research first, but I don’t always find what I want. I am constantly looking for honest experiences, true opinions of those who have visited the places I’m searching for and insight tips for me to make the best of my adventure.

Well, this blog is just about that. My honest reviews of places I visit, true experiences (the good and the bad) and the moments I go through whether is finding an error fare, saving money for my next trip or describing the most delicious meals I have ever eaten.

Besides travelling, I love exploring my city, Bucharest, reading, going to art museums and observing cities from up high. My personal goal is to see (and take pictures) of every place that I visit from a scenic place. ❤

So let’s share these experiences together and invest in food for our soul – traveling, that is 🙂

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