8 Tips to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

All of the active travelers out there, as well as the casual ones, have or will experience a long-haul flight. What is exactly a long-haul flight or how much it has to last for it to categorized as a long-haul? Well, I don’t think there is a manual for that. In Europe, a long-haul flight is just above 4 hours, in the US, it is usually above 7 hours. Generally, airlines consider a flight that lasts for more than 7 hours a long-haul flight. But why are there so many pieces of advice about how to survive a long-haul flight, you might ask?

You can imagine that if you spend 7 or more hours in a plane seat without preparing yourself first, you will probably not have the best time of your life. Personally, I had only 2 long-haul flights in my life, from Amsterdam to Washington DC, and from Amsterdam to Mexico City. The first one was definitely worse than the second flight because I didn’t prepare at all! Nothing to read, nothing to listen to, no cozy socks or earplugs. Not a disaster, but it could’ve been better. So without further ado, let’s see what are the most important tips to survive a long-haul flight:


Varadero – the Paradise of Cuba

Varadero is, for me, the highlight of my trip to Cuba. This 20 km piece of land is the perfect getaway from anything in this world. No worries, no cellphone coverage, certainly nothing to worry about except how many Cuba Libre will you be able to drink in one day. My trip to Varadero lasted only 3 days, but I would’ve stayed there for 3 more. Not because there were things to see, but because I loved-loved-loved the vibe! Sandy beaches, azure waters, and palm trees – what more can you need?

How to get to Varadero


8 Best Places to Visit in 2018

↣ I am sure that right now everybody’s making plans for best places to visit in 2018. The travel-passionate ones have already bought tickets to a few places or have some countries that are already on their bucket list. I know I do!

If you need inspiration on what you should visit in 2018, whether it’s the mountains or the sea, this is the right place. Cuba, Thailand, Australia, Iceland or Antarctica, you name it! Read below an honest list of the best places to visit in 2018:


5 Honest Tips to Save Money for Traveling

I have often been asked how do I manage to travel to so many places and still have a budget for daily expenses. Sure, I, myself, was wondering not so long ago how everybody does that and why I can’t afford it. I never had enough money, there was always too much month at the end of my salary and I constantly spent all my money on stuff I would soon forget I bought. But I’ve found answers to all of my questions when I decided I needed to save money for traveling.

Sure, it’s going to be hard, you’re going to give up some things, but it’s all going to be worth it, I promise! I am going to write here some honest tips to save money for traveling, from my own experience as a wanderlust-er 🙂

1. Set up your priorities straight



wanderlust desire to travel save money for traveling
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Christmas Market in Colmar, Strasbourg and Basel

Winter can be absolutely magical if you decide you want to spend it well. Christmas Markets are really a good choice of discovering new cities and their Christmas traditions. The cities are filled with lights and the carols can be a great therapy for your wandering soul. I received this trip as a Christmas gift and it was the best gift ever, I swear. The Christmas Market in Colmar is already known for its colorful streets and don’t worry, Strasbourg and Basel are equally beautiful.

christmas market in colmar basel strasbourg

If you want to go to these Christmas Markets, my suggestion is to search for flights to EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg. The tickets are usually cheaper if you fly here and you can easily travel to Switzerland, France or Germany. There are a lot of buses that go from the airport to your favorite destinations.


How I Spent a Layover in Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world and the largest metropolitan area in the West. On my way to Cuba, I had to spend a layover in Mexico City and instead of staying inside the airport, we decided to go outside and explore the city a little bit. I recommend you do the same. I guarantee a layover experience can be much more than sitting on a chair for a few hours or exploring the duty-free shops.

Of course, it depends on the time you have. We had 12 hours. What did we visit? How did we get there? Was everything alright or did we have some not-so-nice experiences ourselves? Read more below and you’ll find it all out about our layover in Mexico City!


Visit Romania – Winter Edition!

As the cold season approaches, you need to find new places to visit that will make you feel like living a fairytale. This time, let’s talk about Romania. Why should you visit Romania? Because this country is like a warm hug on a cold day. With its beautiful landscapes, calm people (especially Transylvania) and delicious food, you can be sure that if you visit Romania, you’ll have some quality time.

This year’s winter started with a 4-day vacation for Romanians due to 2 national holidays (St. Andrew’s Day – 30th of Nov. and the Great Union Day – 1st of December). This was a great reason for taking some time off and disconnecting from the daily routine. For me, this meant a quiet trip in the western part of Romania, through Alba Iulia, Cincis-Cerna Village, Hunedoara, and Sibiu. So if you want to visit Romania in the winter, here are a few places that I would recommend:

Alba Iulia, Romania

catedrala-reintregirii-alba-iulia-visit romania


10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Cuba

Cuba has always been an exotic destination for most of us. It has the rum, it has the cigars and it has the Sangre Latino – it is a perfect place to spend your vacations. However, it is not only sugar and honey (although they’re quite known for their massive sugar production). There are a lot of things to know before traveling to Cuba and that’s why I’m writing this. I’ve done a lot of research before going since it was such a long way from home (I live in Romania) and I wanted to be prepared for whatever it may come.

So, without further ado, here is my guide for 10 things to know before traveling to Cuba 🙂


Netherlands Diary: Amsterdam in 3 Days

Hello, there! Amsterdam in 3 days, you say? That is a hell of a challenge, considering how big and interesting this city is. As you all can agree (or will, after reading this), Amsterdam is a really special place. It surely deserves more than 3 days of visiting, because there is a lot to take in. Unfortunately, that was all the time I had since the entire trip was to Cuba, with another layover in Mexico City. Amsterdam is an inner network of canals and a city with absolutely amazing architecture. It is worth a visit anytime. For the city break lovers (like me in Veliko Tarnovo), this is my guide for Amsterdam in 3 days.

Day 1

1. Free walking tour


The streets and the canals of Amsterdam are absolutely magic. The first thing I suggest to do is walk around the city and inhale its culture, or just book in advance a free walking tour. These are tours guided by a local who will take you to the most important places in Amsterdam and it lasts about 3h. If you don’t want/have time to book it (I didn’t either), just wander around the beautiful streets and discover this magnificent city on your own!

Time: as long as you want 


13 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Lisbon (+One Why You Shouldn’t)

Portugal has been on my bucket list for too long. It still is, because so far I have only visited Lisbon and its surroundings. But I would go back anytime, I swear. I am yet to plan a trip to Faro and especially to the marvelous beaches of Algarve. But Lisbon is wonderful, too. Actually, it is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen – it made me feel at home. It gave me that cozy feeling from the hotel room to the narrow streets and warm people. Lisbon makes you fall in love the moment you get there. It truly is my soul city and now I know why. Here are 13 reasons why you should visit Lisbon, too:

1. It’s Affordable

Lovely streets